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If you love to read, this is the book for you! Short sweet and to the point, this book details several different ways that you can score free books – both eBooks and hard copies.

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  1. Terence Neville says:

    It’s a dynamic package

  2. Its a very good idea for someone like me i love to read and can afford some of the book. Thank you for making it readily available.:-)

  3. Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  5. Dee Rand says:

    I love to read christian books.

  6. Excited about this!

  7. Angela Lambkin says:

    I love to,read books -good books that is!
    Thank you for sharing this information about free books ebooks and other wise, yes? New reader!

  8. Linda Mapes says:

    What a deal!!!!!

  9. Jonathan Lyle says:

    Fabulous idea….access to free christian books!

  10. Donald Sisk says:

    Enjoyed this do fst

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  14. So delighted to hear of your site! I look forward to getting free books!

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  16. I look forward to receiving info og new free Christian novels snd teaching books

    M Hunt

  17. joyce blankenship says:

    Hope to read good books

  18. Isabel Nel says:

    thank you

  19. Melanie Bagley says:

    Hope to get christian fiction

  20. Kim Napier says:

    Looking forward to the books.

  21. Excited to see what this will do in my life!!

  22. I was raised and strongly believed in science and empirical evidence forensics you can say. Today I am so devoted to CHrist it my life I Live it and love it. I lost every t Hong in my life even my health. After falling to my knees for the first time I prayed with a pure heart and clear head my life has never been the . Same. Many miracles followed that I just can’t explain but today I know! I was so harnessed and unbelieving that’s why so many things were thrown at me that’s what it took to get my attention, God works in strange ways. Now looking back to the many times I should have died in combat alwAys wondering why I Lived when others passed. Like a puzzle it all coming together. The last obstacle was reached when retirement checks and court awards poured in together a lot! I can non profit service rd God comfort therapy dogs companion dogs “my main skill” I made God a promise that day on my knees “save me I’m yours” today wounded warrior k9 a book and on my way to certified mental health counselor and goal of guest speaker advocate for veterans and new Christian family. Godspeed! Erik.

  23. susan riedel says:

    Thanks for this service

  24. Love reading thank you!!!!

  25. Looking forward to reading.

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  27. Love to read good books then share with others!

  28. Genuinely interested in Christian reading.

  29. Kimberley says:

    Thank you for sharing this information. I look forward to sharing with others

  30. Just got the book today

  31. Valerie says:

    Thanks, looking forward to checking out the books

  32. Kathy Spence says:

    I love reading Christian books.

  33. Free advance PDF copy of new novel to be published in June.
    Just go to and click on the box of books.
    River of Fire a christian romance/mystery.

  34. danielle says:

    Would love to get information thank you

  35. Kim MacDonald says:

    I’m so happy that I found the lord Jesus and I love Reading good Christian books.

  36. margarita santos says:

    i need to learn more about the lord

  37. Reading Christian books gives me something clean and wholesome to hold on to in world of craziness.

  38. Love reading Christian books

  39. Esther Geerman says:

    I love to read it empowers you.

  40. I just recieved your book “How To Find Free Christian Books Online” from Amazon. This book is very informative & will help me read even more Christian books!

  41. looking forward to reading my Christian book. thanks a lot…

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  45. Cynthia Hill says:

    Thank you for 21 Prayers of Gratitude, I pray one daily.

  46. Angela Reddick says:

    I Love all kinds of Christian Books. I want a closer walk with God so reading every word to learn more about him will help me.

  47. John.ainsley says:

    I am a Christian from the UK and am searching for the correct bible study

    Books John

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    Great site

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